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Learn to dance Argentine tango nuevo in Yorkshire


Deal of the month

When you get the tango bug, you start doing more classes and going to more and more milongas. Then you start travelling for tango. That's when you know your hobby has become an obsession.


It may even reach epic proportions; you might get to the stage where you build an extra wardrobe for all your tango outfits and shoes.


With all this tango-fuelled expenditure going on, it's nice to know that White Rose Tango has a cunning plan to save you a bob or two.


Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you... the Dancers' Discount Card!

How does our discount card scheme work?


Get a White Rose Tango



A new deal every month

to save you money!

A Dancer's Discount Card costs just £30 for 5 White Rose Tango classes - that's £5 off the normal price of 5 lessons.


You can use your card at both our York and Wetherby classes... just remember to bring it with you and get it stamped!


But your card doesn't just offer you a fiver off; it's more than that.

Save up your used cards and you can use them to take advantage of our special monthly dance deals!


For some offers you'll just need one depleted card. For others, you'll need more. Save 10 used cards and you can trade them in for a FREE card at any time - yes, that's 5 FREE lessons!

January 2014:


1 expired Dancer's Discount Card

= £10 off a private lesson with Adam!


To arrange, call 07868 533998 or email us now!


The small print: Only one card can be used for each hour of private tuition purchased

Whose shoes to choose?

Need some help buying new tango shoes? Our quick-start guide to fancy dancefloor footwear is here to help.


First up, do you need special tango shoes? Will salsa or ballroom shoes do?


Ordinary dance shoes will be okay, but the higher, thinner heels on ladies' tango shoes are positioned slightly further back to push your balance forward onto the balls of your feet and toes, giving you a naturally elegant tango posture.


Tango shoes also have harder, less flexible soles to stop the shoe bending when the foot slides along the floor. So it's worth investing in a pair or twenty, as every tanguera will tell you!


Who makes good tango shoes?




Volver and Werner Kern

Both these labels make quality shoes at mid-range prices (between £50 and £100).


Find the shoes you like on the manufacturer's 'brochure website' and then search for them by brand and design name on Google.


Prices vary quite widely between different resellers' websites, so it's worth spending time being an intrepid Google monster!




Comme Il Faut

Limited-edition high-fashion tango shoes made in Buenos Aires. They're expensive (about £170 on average) but they're beautiful quality and you're guaranteed to have a fairly unique pair.


Google for a UK or EU-based stockist to be sure you won't get stung for import duty!


Discount card terms & conditions

Buying and using your card


  You can buy a Dancer’s Discount Card at any White Rose Tango class.

You’ll need to bring your card along as proof of purchase and have it          signed by us at every class you attend.

  We don’t keep records of your purchase or the number of classes you attend, so we won’t be able replace your card if you lose it.

  You can only use your card at classes organised solely by White Rose Tango. You will not be able to use it at events where we are guest teachers or joint promoters, for example.




  Your card is valid from the date of purchase for 5 classes which can be taken at any time at both Wetherby and York.

  We won’t be able to give you a refund if, for any reason, you can’t attend all 5 classes.

  Cards cannot be backdated to include classes you’ve already taken.  You can, however, buy cards in advance - we just won't sign it 'til you use it!




  Your card will expire when you’ve used it 5 times, we don't care if this is weeks, months or years after you bought it! But we would like to see you more often than that!

  Don’t throw away your old cards – you’ll need them for our special offers!

  Use your expired cards to take advantage of our special monthly moneysaving tango offers. (Cards that are still valid can’t be used for these.)


Get 5 FREE lessons!


Collect 10 expired cards and exchange them for a FREE 5-class card.

This offer is permanent and you can take advantage of it at any time.