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Learn to dance Argentine tango nuevo in Yorkshire


Your questions about our tango classes answered

What sort of music do we dance tango to?

Do I need to bring a partner?


No. Some of the people in our classes are couples, but lots come along on their own.


We have a 'rotate partners' policy, so everyone gets a chance to dance with everyone else during class. The more different people you dance with, the faster you'll improve.


Do I need to book in advance?


For our regular weekly classes, no. For guided practicas, yes.


Do I need to enrol at the beginning of a course?


No, our classes are run on a drop-in basis, so you can start straight away.


What can I expect at tango class?


First of all, a warm welcome!


Our classes follow a set format. We spend some time doing solo exercises to work on balance and posture.


Then we pair up and learn a step or two, which we break down into the individual aspects of footwork, leading and following techniques and musical interpretation, amongst other things.


After that, it's practica time... when you and your classmates practice what you've just learned.


How long will it take me to learn to dance Argentine tango?


Like everything else, learning to dance doesn't happen overnight. You'll probably need to attend classes at least once a week for between three and six months before you feel like you may just be starting to get the hang of it.


Men generally take longer to learn than women. This is normal!


Even although you may get frustrated with your progress, it's worth sticking with it... because the pay-off is truly amazing!

Is tango too serious?

We hear it said all the time: tango dancers never smile, whoop, cheer, lark around or get giddy.


Well, maybe that's true in some places, but it's not true at

White Rose Tango. We have proof...


Want to buy some tango music so you can practice at home but you don't know what to get?

Allow us to help you get started on your journey of musical discovery.


Here are a few of our favourites, along with music suggestions from our students that they think would be cool for tangoing to. Tangoing? Is that even a real word? It is now.


Some of the titles we've listed are classic tango nuevo albums, while some aren't even tango at all.

Eeeh, we're rebels, we are!

Parnell's Bolero

Smiley happy people having fun