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Learn to dance Argentine tango nuevo in Yorkshire


Adam and Gisèle teach and perform   at dance events, weekenders and congresses all over the UK.


If you would like a tango nuevo show, demo or class for your event, please contact Adam on 07868 533998.

Adam Parnell

Gisèle Parnell

Shows, demos & classes

Adam lived in Buenos Aires for 18 months, during which time he studied tango intensively, taking lessons at the Mora Godoy studio and DNI school.


It wasn't long before he realised he much preferred the more relaxed tango nuevo style danced at Mario Bournissen and Eugenia Martinez's Soho Tango practica.


Mario and Eugenia took Adam under their wing and, as a result, he quickly became one of their assistant teachers.


From there, he went on to work with the fabulous Elina Ruiz, who he still has lessons with every time he's in Argentina.


Like Elina, Adam's teaching focuses on embedding good technique and, most importantly, the connection between leader and follower.

Gisèle had never had a dance lesson until she joined Sheffield Hallam University's dancesport team.


Gisèle also learned lindyhop, salsa, belly dancing and even pole dancing before she fell in love with tango (and Adam!)


With a degree in physiotherapy and the biomechanics of human movement, she is able to analyse what's actually going on inside the body when she's learning any new dance.


Not only does it help her learn faster, it helps White Rose Tango students learn faster too!

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